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“The corner stone of success…” as education is called has played a vital role in the success of an individual. This in turn has created many generations of intellectuals and professionals. There are few individuals and institutions who act as catalysts to create this change. One such institution is Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training(HIMT).

HIMT was established in 1998 by a Merchant Navy Chief Engineer. HIMT is the training hub of India and offers a wide range of courses right from pre-sea training courses for officers and ratings, through senior officer certificates of competency and advanced courses for all ranks of Merchant Navy. HIMT also provides courses dedicated to the offshore oil and gas industry and specialized Value added courses for ongoing professional development of seagoing personnel and shore-based staff. Candidates joining HIMT for one course have repeatedly chosen HIMT for other courses periodically even after having become the Master / Chief Engineer of a ship. HIMT is successfully carrying out its commitment to impart quality training at the most competitive fees and in a span of about 23 years HIMT has trained more than 3,00,000 candidates in various courses. HIMT represents the highest overall value in terms of location, Infrastructure facilities, aesthetic interiors with World Class facilities and above all delivers Quality Education and Services to the candidates by competent, dedicated faculty and staff.

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To produce the best mariners in the World who, will respect and protect the environment, and are competent enough to succeed in this industry in all required aspects by encouraging them to question, explore, and discover to produce competency from within.

To impart quality education in the marine sector and nurture the interest of the mariners through various formal / non formal methods by providing a platform where knowledge is effectively dispensed to all seekers in a congenial atmosphere.

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